Service times

On Saturday people begin arriving for Sabbath School at 11:00am. As things settle down, we like to get started sometime around 11:30. 

Typically Sabbath School wraps up around 2:00 and we begin the Sabbath Service after a breif break. 

the Wednesday evening service begins at 6:00pm. 

About Victorious MESSIAH Fellowship:

A brief introduction:

Welcome to Victorious Messiah Fellowship! We are so glad to have you visit us through our website!

Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus the Messiah, and He is truly victorious because He has conquered death, sin, and condemnation! After that greatest of victories, Jesus told us all to baptize disciples and teach them to keep all that He has commanded in faith, hope and love! So, in obedience to our Eternal King, we have many resources here on our website to help you on your journey with the Messiah!

Our Example, our Savior, our Lord, our King and our Messiah is Jesus Christ, the Son of God! He is at the center of all we do, and through His precious blood, we have forgiveness of sins and the indescribable gift of the Holy Spirit living within us!!

Just as the Prophets foretold, the Spirit enables us to fulfill the righteous requirements of the Father's law, and serve God in love with a pure heart and a good conscience, but only through Jesus could we receive His amazing power!

At Victorious Messiah Fellowship, the Bible is the ultimate earthly authority, not man! And we seek to test all things against the Word of God, and only hold fast to that which is good!

This means that sometimes long held traditions and man-made additions will not be present in our fellowship, but you can be absolutely sure that whatever we actively practice and teach in favor of, can actually be found in the Bible; and sound Biblical teaching will be clearly presented to back up every belief we hold! 

To learn more about what we believe and why we believe it, please visit our beliefs page, or you can also download one or all of the free e-books below.